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A show for parents of high school students going to college and college bound students. Discover elite strategies for ACT and SAT exams, financial aid secrets, and mindset tips.

May 26, 2019

In Episode 4, we cover the secret of Financial Aid Alchemy, and how you can move, or reclassify your assets and income to get more financial aid. You'll discover:

  • What financial aid alchemy is, and how one family used it to get $30,000 in additional financial aid
  • The Financial Need Equation, and what lever you can pull to get more money by lowering this 3 letter number
  • How lowering this 3 letter acronym raises your financial aid eligibility
  • How To Make Income and Assets "vanish", raising your financial aid yield
  • What you can learn from magicians to increase financial aid
  • What the base year is...and why lowering your income in this year increases financial aid
  • What number to reduce which is 8 times more effective than any other number to getting more financial aid
  • Avoid these artificial increases in income, and the government will give you more money
  • The two types of assets. Skip this, and you'll leave thousands on the table for financial aid
  • The Mother Bird Secret to getting more money from colleges
  • 7 states which will give you more money just by winning this "race"